2021 BOLA Fielding Trainer (Gimballed Turntable)

Guarantee fielding improvement through replication


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Product details

In 2008 BOLA introduced a Gimballed Turntable which is used with a BOLA Machine for fielding and wicket-keeping drills. The BOLA Fielding Trainer is mounted on a specially constructed, gimballed turntable and can fire balls in any direction and at any trajectory. Using fielding ramps manufactured by Katchet, coaches can replicate any fielding situation accurately and repeatedly. Practicing a head-high Jacques Kallis square-cut requires different skills to taking a fine edge at second slip off Flintoff’s bowling.

Previous England Head Coach Peter Moores has been a keen proponent of the Fielding machine. “The Bola Fielding Machine allows the Coach to replicate the correct trajectory of the ball at speeds realistic to match conditions. The ability to monitor the speed and direction of the ball is a considerable advantage when it comes to measuring improvement over a period of time,” he said.