BOLA 5oz Red Practice Balls (Doz)

Red balls are more realistic for batting practice


*Quantities subject to product availability

Product details

BOLA 5oz Polyurethane Red Practice Balls have a soft case to protect bats from damage. They are dimpled like a golf ball for stable flight and give the best accuracy and realistic bounce. Red balls provide realism while Yellow balls provide better visibility indoors. 

The accuracy of your BOLA machine is affected by the condition and consistency of the balls that you use. Do not mix new balls with old ones as the best accuracy is obtained by keeping balls in batches so they are all at the same stage of useable life. If you are using balls which have lost their dimples, they should be replaced. Why not treat your club to some new BOLA Practice Balls!!!

Ball only orders of 2 or more dozen will be shipped Free of Charge.